Eco-Love: Nicole Bridger

I think any educated fashion person knows that “green” fashion doesn’t mean Earth shoes and hemp tunics anymore — the field has been flooded with an influx of designers that are bringing such fresh, contemporary aesthetics and influences to their work that their clothes can stand beside their mainstream equivalents at Barneys or Scoop and no one would know the difference. Even as the contemporary market becomes more and more “couture-like” in the detailing and intricacy of garments, sustainable fashion is keeping up, especially with designers like Nicole Bridger in the fray. The Vancouver-based Bridger has plenty of eco-cred — she’s designed an earth-friendly line for Lululemon — but her design credentials are equally strong, having trained and worked at Vivienne Westwood, a name that always makes fashionistas’ hearts beat faster. Westwood’s penchant for dramatic draping and artful tailoring definitely informs Bridger’s designs, but her line also shows a body-friendly, casual flair for the everyday life of your average city girl. I love the sophistication and quiet creativity of her clothes, which guarantee pride of place in any closet for seasons and seasons to come — probably the most sustainable practice of all in my book. Bridger’s work is available online at Beklina, one of our favorite online boutiques for sustainable fashion, and any fashion, really.