Snapshot: Listening, Watching, Reading, Wearing, Wanting

+ Kat
Listening: The Kills, Midnight Boom; Anne Briggs; Keith Hudson and the Soul Syndicate, Nuh Skin Up, a superb dub album that gets really psychedelic and unhinged in parts — genius!
Watching: Witness; “The Golden Girls”; anything on cable television — I’m on vacation, dudes
Reading: The Group, Mary McCarthy; No One Belongs Here More Than You, Miranda July; a bunch of books I will tell you about next week!
Wearing: Sworn Virgins leggings; old baggy Depeche Mode t-shirt; cowboy boots, scarf.
Wanting: I really wish Liz and Laura would stop fighting with each other over that Showalter dude. It’s getting really ugly!
+ Liz
Listening: the new Madonnsky, The Chapin Sisters, The Damned, The Eyes, The Housemartins, Frank Sinatra, a bootleg of The Ramones’ first London show, St. Vincent, Neil Young, Wu-Tang Clan
Watching: As I already informed our Laura in a sharply worded email fired off on Wednesday, her attempted theft of my imaginary boyfriend Michael Showalter leaves me no choice but to throw myself into the arms of longtime Sho comrade David Wain. To that end, I’m catching up on his Web series “Wainy Days”. Also: Mayor of the Sunset Strip!
Reading: Oh god, the Emily Gould NYT thing and everything having anything to do with it, going all the way back to that New York piece on Gawker I forgot to read last year. Gimme gimme more, gimme more, gimme gimme more.
Wearing: I think I already told you this, but I’m really into my grey jeans lately. There’s this picture of Eleanor Friedberger where she’s wearing grey jeans, cowboy boots, some kind of green top, a black-leather jacket, and a pink scarf. I’d like to wear that too, but it’s kinda warm out and I’ve only got the grey jeans and the cowboy boots anyway.
Wanting: a thousand pounds of the chocolate rugelach I had at Canter’s on Wednesday night. And a patchwork quilt! Do you know where I can get a really gorgeous patchwork quilt? Preferably one that incorporates bright colors such as hot pink, even though that’s bad bedroom feng shui?
Liz’s boyfriend and Laura’s boyfriend, together again:

“The Golden Girls” buy condoms at a local grocery store — HILARIOUS: