Devendra Banhart is going out with Natalie Portman and they wear matching peacoats

Or maybe they’re just good pals who walk snuggly down the street and collaborate on benefit albums together. Who could know? Natalie Portman bores the pants off of me these days, but I guess I approve? Or at least I dig the Devendrameister’s shades. Anyway – photo ganked from Jezebel, who i.d. my favorite skate hippie as “Charles Manson Meets Sienna Miller.” Apparently most Jezebel readers aren’t so schooled in the way of Devendra, which is mind-bottling to me, if only because it begs the question: “If no one knows who Devendra Banhart is, why can’t I get my hands on a pair of tickets to see him at the The Hollywood Bowl???” Good grief.
But wait – a second look at the comments reveals that one Jezebel reader (with a cute little Teenage Fanclub avatar, no less) has posted a link to this superfun fashion game on Devendra’s website. It’s basically Devendra-as-paper-doll, and you can dress him up in all kinds of hippie garb. I put him in caftan and tie-dyed socks first; now I’ve got my eye on the shredded jeans, purple poncho, and yellow kicks.