Style Icon: Emmanuelle Alt

Vanity Fair’s got a list, some dude named Mr. Blackwell’s got a list, so why not us? (Why not us indeed? And why not you?) So this is it: our list of end-all, be-all, time-withstanding style icons. The people who kind of lurk in our subconscious while we’re surveying our closets day after day, like little fashion devils sitting on our shoulders telling us, “Yes, wear that insane shoe, even though you might impale yourself with it.” Or people that we think look incredibly awesome and inspiring and talented and flat-out love to pieces. Some of the people on the list are veterans of many other lists, being professional fashion types; others would never show up in any other grouping but our own. We hope you enjoy our list; we enjoyed dreaming it up. We are ticking them off one by one, day by day, till we reach twelve, so without further ado, we go to the first person to kick off our Style Icon Fortnight: Emmanuelle Alt! (We’re going in alphabetical order; we are oddly systematic that way.)
All of the Vogue Paris posse are a famously, intimidatingly stylish lot: grande dame Carine Roitfeld, of course, and rising stars like junior editor Melanie Huynh and Geraldine Saglio are Sartorialist regulars. But my personal favorite is probably fashion director Emmanuelle Alt, who is sort of the bad-ass of that crew: sharp, often androgynous, and very sexy in a non-obvious way. (She also looks like the meanest Vogue Paris editor, too. Or maybe she just gets pissed off with people taking her picture?) What I love about her is that she often dresses really simply and almost boyishly: skinny jeans, cargo pants, sharp little jackets, scarves, counterpointed with outrageous shoes whose architecture defy physical laws of nature. Yet it’s her unerring eye for fit and proportion that elevate humble elements into something kind of rock ‘n roll. “Fierce” is a word thrown around a lot in fashion-speak, but that’s what she looks like: incredibly cool, kind of elusive, never pandering and incredibly confident.