"Do you smoke grass out in space, Bowie? Or do they smoke… Astroturf?"

Remember those two weeks in December of 2005 when the Lazy Sunday video first played on SNL and it was the funniest thing you ever saw in your life? Before it became hideously popular and spawned a million way-less-funny parodies and then Andy Samberg dated Kirsten Dunst and became incredibly annoying and in no way physically attractive? I do. It was a really happy time for me.
But then it all fell apart. And for the past two years straight, the mass media have provided me with absolutely nada that I’ve found legitimately humorous, except for about five seconds of Superbad and that time Britney Spears forced a Hollywood waitress to swap outfits with her and then tried to get a job at the restaurant. That was really funny.
Anyway, last week, my boyfriend’s sister gave him the first season of The Flight of the Conchords on DVD as a belated Christmas gift. I looked at the cover and saw a picture of two hipstery looking dudes, one with mutton chops and thick-frame glasses who looked like 50% of the entire male population of Williamsburg, and the other short, bearded, and wearing a sweatshirt with a silkscreen of a tiger on it. He looked like the other half of the Northside.
I thought it looked kind of lame.
Then we watched an episode, and I’ve been obsessed ever since. Last night, we even watched five straight episodes in a row. And I never do that (except with The Hills. And Six Feet Under. And the Beatles Anthology. And the entire series of Full House. Whatever). The Flight of the Conchords is the fictionalized account of Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement AKA The Flight of the Conchords, a New Zealand novelty-folk duo who have moved to New York to try and make it big. The episodes trade off between drily witty, semi-fantastic scenarios wherein the boys deal with a multitude of New Yorkified issues (getting gigs, paying rent, dating girls, buying fruit from street vendors, eating croissants, catching bulimia), and highly LOLificating music videos demonstrating the many facets of Bret & Jermaine’s diverse comedic and/or musical talents.
Bowie’s in Space is a highly intricate David Bowie send-up which manages to capture all of his weirdest and most idiosyncratic behaviors from Ziggy Stardust on through to Heroes. If you have ever heard a David Bowie song in your life, I personally guarantee that this vid will make you laugh until one of your eyes closes and the other one is streaming with tears. Watch it from start to finish- it only gets better with age.

This second vid, called Foux de Fa Fa, makes fun of hazy, dazey mid-sixties French Ye-Ye in a way nobody else ever thought to do because they were too busy flipping out over the genre’s innate coolness. If you are from or have ever spent time in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, you will notice that Fabiane’s on Bedford Avenue plays a key role in the clip, which is kind of fun.

And the best part of the whole Flight of the Conchords phenomenon is that you can keep yourself awake at night wondering if you’d fall in love with Jemaine (glasses) or Bret (beard) if they both wanted to date you. Probably Jemaine. Or Bret. Or Jemaine. Bret. Jemaine. Bret? Jemaine?
Maybe both.