's Music/Movies 2007 List-O-Rama

As promised, here’s our big ol’ compiling of the movies and musics we most loved in beautiful 2007. And if you didn’t already check out our top 10 whatevs of 2007 list, please do: The new-and-improved post now includes a list from contributing editor Laura Jane, and if you do the math more correctly than I did you’ll find that it’s actually a top 11 list (because we’re all about more bang for your buck, man).
Happy new year to all!
Music love:
+ Liz:
10. Panda Bear, Person Pitch
9. PJ Harvey, White Chalk
8. The White Stripes, Icky Thump
7. Devendra Banhart, Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon
6. Animal Collective, Strawberry Jam
5. Ataxia, Automatic Writing II
4. No Age, Weirdo Rippers
3. Lavender Diamond, Imagine Our Love
2. Mary Timony, The Shapes We Make
1. Rilo Kiley, Under the Blacklight
Also: “Paper Planes” by M.I.A., “What’s a Girl to Do?” by Bat for Lashes, “Now Now” by St. Vincent, every track I heard off the Kanye record, “D.A.N.C.E.” by Justice, anything I could get my hands on by Alberta Cross, “Golden Skans” by the Klaxons. And “Time Bomb” by Beck is probably my favorite song of the year; the first three seconds totally break my mind. But mostly I just listened to Neil Young all the time.
Lavender Diamond sings a new song at this year’s Fuck Yeah Fest:

+ Kat:
(in no particular order)
+ Scout Niblett, This Fool Can Die Now
+ PJ Harvey, White Chalk
+ M.I.A., Kala
+ Castanets, In the Vines
+ Justice,
+ Burial, Untrue
+ Blonde Redhead, 23
+ Angels of Light, We Are Him
+ Magik Markers, Boss
+ Chromatics, Night Drive
+ Calla, Strength in Numbers
+ The Boggs, Forts
+ Kanye West, Graduation
+ Various Artists, Thai Pop Spectacular 1960s – 1980s
Scout Niblett’s “Kiss” with Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy (such a beautiful video):

Movie love:
10. I’m Not There (or maybe Knocked Up; I don’t know)
9. Broken English
8. Air Guitar Nation
7. Rescue Dawn
6. 2 Days in Paris
5. Into the Wild
4. No Country For Old Men
3. Juno
2. Superbad
1. Waitress
A deleted scene from 2 Days in Paris, which performed the unlikely feat of making me fond of Adam Goldberg all over again:

+ Kat
(no particular order except for the top 2)
+ Killer of Sheep (just completely beautiful)
+ Eastern Promises (Viggo + Cronenberg = way better than A History of Violence)
+ Superbad (I enjoyed this ten times more than Knocked Up, if only because I didn’t have to swallow 1. a ridiculous plot point and 2. problematic politics)
+ Dans Paris (for lovers of French New Wave)
+ Persepolis
+ Stephanie Daley (there’s one intense scene in here with some of the best directing I’ve seen this year)
+ This is England
+ Ratatouille (any movie wins with a character named Anton Ego)
+ There Will Be Blood (it won’t be out till Dec. 26 – it sprawls and gets a little unwieldy but it’s on here because of Daniel Day-Lewis’ amazing performance and the score by Jonny Greenwood)
+ Juno (for the sharp script and for Ellen Page and Michael Cera)
+ No Country for Old Men
+ Across the Universe (loopy but fun)
+ I’m Not There (for Cate Blanchett’s iconic performance, for Charlotte Gainsbourg, and for taking risks that films don’t really take nowadays)
Although it must be said that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pretty much ruled my year. And this is the best thing I saw in 2007, thanks to Cathy from Show Me Your Titles, our favorite new feminist film podcast: