Vintage Denim & Fuzzy Hearts (or, Please Go See Diggers This Weekend)

Something about movies set in 1976 makes me wanna buy new/old denim. After Dazed and Confused I found these amazing jeans for about $5 at Salvation Army – they had flared legs and buttoned front pockets, and the fabric was sooo soft and faded to perfection. And now there’s Katherine Dieckmann’s Diggers (coming out tomorrow), co-starring beautiful Lauren Ambrose as a Manhattan girl who’s escaped the big city to spend the summer lying around her uncle’s backyard and reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Her wardrobe’s fantastic: huge pink-lensed sunglasses, stripey blouses, clunky hot-pink hoop earrings, t-shirts tucked into some fantastic jeans that remind me so much of that $5 pair that left my life sometime mid-college.
And the boys’ve got good denim too, especially Josh Hamilton, possibly my #7 or #8 actor crush of all time. (Seriously, why can’t he be in every movie ever made? I think the last time I saw him before this was the Sex & The City episode where he’s Miranda’s phone-sex friend.) There’s even one scene where Josh’s pot-dealing character is wearing jeans + denim vest + t-shirt and it’s kind of heartbreaking because you realize no boy could ever pull that off now without being so ironic and lame.
laurenambrosediggers.gif diggersboysonboat.gif
But Diggers – written by and co-starring Ken Marino, whom I’ve missed so hard since The State left MTV – isn’t just eye candy for vintage-denim junkies. The center of the story is cuteface Paul Rudd and his circle of clam-digging bros, who spend much of their time drinking beer and getting stoned and being bored in their sleepy Long Island village. Not much happens, but if you’re the type to fall for densely boy-populated, small-town-set, immensely sweet and melancholy stories like Beautiful Girls, then you’ll be totally into it. You even get to watch Lauren and Paul chastely make out to Big Star in his pickup truck, and what could be more adorable than that?
Here’s the trailer: