Cooler than Karen O: Leviticus Jewelry

When the first Yeah Yeah Yeahs EP came out, I experienced a brief obsession with cheap, metallic necklaces whose faux-silver letters spelled out stupid stuff like “STAR” or “LOVE” or, in direct tribute to Karen O, “MASTER”:
But then time passed and my feelings about Karen O started to get a bit mixed, and I ended up losing those necklaces in between couch cushions or giving them away to boys I figured I probably wouldn’t see again.
Now that it’s 2006 and I’m basically completely over Karen O, I’m sort of falling for a much classier, more special, all-around-foxier version of those $3 chains from years back. Tara Levitin from Leviticus Jewelry designs bracelets and earrings and necklaces adorned with pretty little trinkets like vintage chandelier crystals, jade beads, red glass hearts, and – yay – antique brass letter charms, such as in this superhot piece:
Leviticus also does personalized necklaces, which aren’t featured on the site (so you’ll have to email Tara if you want one custom-made for yourself or someone you love very much). It might look something like this, and then we’ll be very envious of you, but in a loving way: