Buzzy Lips

In my wishful understanding of the universe, caffeine is really, really good for you and you should try to get as much of it as possible. So it’s quite exciting that a couple of new caffeine-infused lip balms allow us to get all jacked-up and make our lips smooth and shiny in one very liberal application. I’ve been using Eco Lips Energy, which gives a nice little buzz and has lots of yummy organic ingredients like jojoba oil and peppermint and spearmint essential oils. It’s got a slightly grainy texture that feels oddly good on your lips, and we like that Eco Lips gives a percentage of its profits to environmental initiatives (I guess that’s where the “eco” part comes in). There’s also SpazzStick, created by an Alaskan police officer “who needs both quality lip balm for the cold and the ability to stay awake during long shifts.” SpazzStick is really subtle in its marketing, claiming that “the more tubes you buy the happier you will likely be. Probably forever.” Which seems totally plausible.