Miller Harris On Sale at Anthropologie

Attention, Miller Harris fragrance junkies in San Francisco…
I was floating around in Anthropologie in the Market & Powell Street area today, trying to decide how crazy it would be to buy a $98 appliqued t-shirt, when I stumbled across a bonanza of Miller Harris eau de toilettes, bath oils and body oils in the sale section. Normally about $88 for a 3.4oz bottle of eau de toilette, they’ve been marked down to $39.99 – bath and body oils are going for $19.95. They are carrying the Fleur Oriental, Citron Citron, Terre de Bois and Coeur de Fleur scents.
I ended up getting the Fleur Oriental and Citron Citron eau de toilette. And I did NOT get the $98 t-shirt! It just seemed too insane at the moment, although I do periodically lose my sanity every now and then when it comes to the retail situation.
For those unobsessed with scented liquid, Miller Harris is a British parfumeur whose fragrances are noted for their clarity and their nature-based formulations (not to mention very pretty bottles.) Lyn Harris, who started the company, also has a close association to designer and fellow Brit Matthew Williamson, whose Miller-designed Incense perfume commands a sizable cult among British hipsters.